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Maybe you are looking for a career change, promotion at your current employment and feel you don't get as much positive attention as you would like. Perhaps it is time to move on and take a new and positive direction in life. Then it's time to take control of your life and do a class, after the experience you'll never look back…. NEW DAY MODEL AGENCY… Promoting your dreams.

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CITY OF BEAUTY 2015 is officially OPEN, this day 1st January 2015. Registration is ongoing. click on the CITY OF BEAUTY page for more info


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If you wish to be our representative or agent in any states of the world, especially in Africa and Europe. Please send your personal data (full name, date of birth, state of residence, occupation, educational status, email address and phone number) to [email protected] or +2348035285547. We will get across to you within 72hours if you are considered. Thank you.


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 is a Fashion and Model Magazine that offers models the rare opportunity to be promoted in their chosen career. This magazine provides the most intriguing opportunity for models and fashion designers to advertize their worth and wears to their prospective employers and buyers. Models and aspiring models can make use of this valuable opportunity to promote their value to the world of business and fashion. The magazine is opened for both experienced and inexperienced models. This magazine is distributed freely to major hotels, big fashion homes, airports, movie houses and companies that require the services of models in all the major cities in Africa, including London (UK) and Milan (Italy). This is a great opportunity for models to secure jobs of their dreams and contracts worth millions of dollars in modeling industry. And more also to gain wonderful experience as a super model and popular figure in the world of advertisement and magazine. BE A SUPER MODEL!!!

For participation, please call Terry on 08035285547

NDMA is organizing 3 weekends free training classes for For ALL LADIES

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Is organizing 3 weeks free training classes for For ALL LADIES Including UPCOMING MODELS and MODELS


Classes include: deportment, catwalk, poses, posture, body physic mgt., turns, beauty styles, Personality & Confidence, Dress Sense & Co-ordination etc.


Starting Date: 9th January 2015, Time 4pm

Office address: 14 Liberty Estate, Alake Bus Stop, Ikotun

Hotlines: 08035285547, 08075977230, 08072640486


Professional Adult Entertainment

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The professional adult entertainment industry generated $12.5 billion in revenue in 2005, according to one trade group. But apparently there are entire Web sites filled with average-looking real women who are making plenty of money in the Internet adult industry, that aren’t included in that total.

The barriers to entry are so low, almost anyone can do it. All you need is a cheap digital camera and some basic photo editing software, and you’re in business

If nudity or sexy dress doesn’t conflict with your beliefs or your relationships, making money on Internet adult sites could be a significant money maker that can pay as much or better than a part-time job. (and without the unpleasant bosses and scheduling conflicts that can come with moonlighting). If it’s something you wouldn’t mind doing, it could definitely get you a lot closer to your financial goals, whether it’s paying off debt, paying for school, or putting money in your savings account.

If you are interested in selling your sexy or glamour look or nudity shoot send your pictures to [email protected]. Or for a professional photographic shoot call 08035285547.

For enquiry call 08075977230


Plus-size Models

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Plus-size Models are making progress in the Modeling industry. More plus-size models are becoming higher profile and are getting more jobs than ever before. For enquiry call 08075977230

get your COMPOSITE CARD today

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A comp card (also called composite card, z card, zed card or sed card) is a marketing tool for actors and especially models. They serve as the latest and best of a model's portfolio and are used as a business card.

Comp cards have been around for many years as the essential marketing tool for a model and are likely to retain this standing because they are an inexpensive way to effectively and professionally showcase a model's ability. Composite cards are used on three major levels—they are used by models, agents and the agent's clients.

Prepare your model COMPOSITE CARD at NEW DAY MODEL AGENCY. Get it NOW!!! call 08035285547


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In New Day Model Agency FITNESS CENTRE, warmth and caring are the hallmarks of our services. Our friendly atmosphere is the first thing you’ll notice when you walk in the front door. You’ll always be greeted with genuine smiles because we want to make you f

eel right at home. Whether you would like to lose weight, get stronger or just getaway from the world for a little while, NDMA fitness centre offers you that, as well as services and programs to fit your individual needs. We offer the following programs: weight management, physique management, hip building,psychological re-orientation, diet and nutrition instruction, and weight and stomach reduction. Thousands of individuals have benefited from these programs,while not be the next to share your testimony today. Our exercise physiologist is available to take appointments from morning to early afternoon and late afternoon to evening from Monday through Saturday. Special training programs can also be fixed at your convenience.


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Have you dreamt of being a TOP COMMERCIAL or FASHION MODEL but don't know where to start? Or, are you already a model looking to expand your representation to international modeling agencies and markets? Then, NEW DAY MODEL AGENCY is the place for you!!! We believe our forte is an expanding portfolio of established photographic models and fresh young talent. We aim to provide a service tailored to suit your specific requirements. With models being added every day we can promise a gallery of original and inspirational faces, ideal to give a unique slant to your catwalk or promotion.

We are experts with over seven years experience in the management and placement of new and experienced models with quality high profile fashion and glamour shows and photography assignments within the Africa and Europe to advertising agencies, retail companies, photographers, publications and product companies.





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If you have what it takes to get the cover page of our Magazine, submit a 2 Text Shoot (pictures) with your name, age, statistics (height, weight, bust size, hip size, waist size), email address, phone number, state of residence and a short story about yourself; send to [email protected]

All models that sent in their test shoot for the cover page may also stand the chance to appear in the annual Calendar of some reputable companies in Nigeria.

A representative from our Magazine Staff will assist you in scheduling and confirming your cover picture shoot date if selected.


Glamour Modeling

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NEW DAY MODEL AGENCYGLAMOUR SPECIAL” isn’t like many other model agencies. At NDMA, we believe glamour modeling isn’t purely about looking fabulous, having the fittest bodies and the prettiest faces. It’s about being good with people too, and having the personality and drive to turn your mind and body, to each and every assignment you are placed at.

This is great news for our client; For anyone looking for hot glam looks from a leading glamour agency in Nigeria and whole of Africa, NDMA should be your first and last port of call. We’ve an impressive and talented book of cute boys, and glam girls for you to choose from.

BENEFITS – NDMA glamour models benefit from the best guidance and advice in the glamour business. Glamour is our signature style, if you’re looking to make it big in the glamour industry, then here is your chance. All you need to do is bring your model looks, your charm, enthusiasm and mahoosive personality, and we’ll propel your career. There is no need to worry about being an ultra size zero, or a certain height either –we’ve a wide and varied range of assignment to suit… model creation and promotion is our goal.



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Like our page “NEW DAY MODEL AGENCY” to see moreupdates on Fashion Events, Skin care, Beauty and Make-up techniques, Modelingtips, and new Glamour faces



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This class is a pre-requisite for model success. All classes are customized for different age groups. In this class you will learn to develop basic and advanced techniques, turns, stances, poses, rhythm, timing, grace, poise, and self-confidence. And also you will learn about good grooming and technique, improve posture, how to model in group, develop your own runway style, healthy eating and exercise.  Other basic modeling skills are taught too: how to apply makeup, command the runway, move in front of camera, attitude, prepare and stand out at auditions and so on.

Day 1

SkinCare / Beauty Therapy

  • Analysis of your skin type and the correct use of skin care products including cleansers, toners, masques and moisturizers. Beauty therapy covers subjects such as personal hygiene, manicure and pedicure.

Day 2

Make– up Application

  • Some of the students in this class may not be of the age to wear make-up but this lecture is a practical approach designed to teach girls the correct application of make-up including highlighting, contouring and colouring to suit the individual.

Day 3

Hair Care

  • Our hair care lecturer will discuss individual styling and upkeep

Day 4

Deportment 1

  •  These five (5) lessons involve posture, walking, poses, modeling steps, modeling turns and hand movements


Day 5


  •  Modern day manners for social and professional situations.

Day 6

Deportment  2

Day 7

Voice Production

  •  This lecture covers the art of conversation as well as developing a sound knowledge of good speech patterns and elocution

Day 8

Deportment 3

Day 9

Personality & Confidence

  •  How to project your inner self outwardly to others. Learning to believe in one’s own abilities. Television script practice and filming

Day 10

  •       Photography Shoot

This lecture is given by some of the world leading photographers. Learn how to pose confidently in front of the camera and discover the many exciting aspects of the new you

  •       Photographic Session

Day 11

Dress Sense & Co-ordination

  •  Planning and accessorizing your wardrobe. Selecting clothing to suit your height, shape & colouring and discussing the latest fashion trends

Day 12

Deportment 4

Day 13

Photographic Session

Day 14

Deportment & Graduation Night

  • This rehearsal is to prepare yourself for your Graduation where you will show case your modeling skills in a live fashion show. Members of the Fashion and Advertising industries are invited to this glamorous evening which allows for you a valuable introduction to industry leaders.


For sponsorship and collaboration, please write to us via our email [email protected], please state the name and details of your company and in what area you would like to collaborate. We will gladly reply you within 48hrs.



  1. Trainingfee cost #50,000.
  2.  Applicant can register online. Visit fee is #5,000. Payment can be made via any of the UBA, account number: 2012092631, account name: Saint-Terry Omoregie
  3. Classes start 18th April, 2014 – 1st May, 2014
  4. The courses are built in such a way so as to accommodate both children and adult, aspiring models and models, working class women and students. Accommodation for those that would like to stay for the duration of training will also be provided for a considerable fee.
  5. For individuals that may not be interested in all the courses, fees for the selected choices will be negotiated
  6. The class is built for all ages, hence, there is no age barrier. Any female or interested male can apply.
  7. All classes start 8am and there will be provision for lunch break
  8. For enquiry call 08035285547, 08075977230, +447466888316, 08184709532, 08135580278



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Do you like posing in front of the camera? Do you possess an attractive physique along with good facial features? Do you love the idea of wearing designer clothes? If you DO, then you are cutout to be a professional fashion model. Modeling careers are very rewarding jobs due to the numerous perks that come with them. Careers of commercial and fashion runway model professionals do not last forever. In fact, there is an age limit set for aspiring fashion runway model professionals as well as commercial fashion models. Girls who are aspiring to become a fashion runway model must start in a very early age around 15 - 22, while boys can start their modeling career between the ages of 18 - 25.

Not all people can become a model, in fact, the fashion industry have set high standards for those who want to get in the business. A fashion runway model must possess the specific physical attributes that a designer or fashion director looks for. In addition to that, you should be blessed with the height in order to be considered. Although in the recent years, shorter models have slowly penetrated the fashion business but most clients still prefer taller models. Fashion runway model professionals are expected to have a nice physique, unique facial features and the ability to walk the runway. The minimum height for fashion runway model aspirants is 5'8" for women and 5'11" for men.

As a professional fashion runway model, you are expected to wear the garments with grace and style. Remember that you will be walking down the runway to model the clothing creations of fashion designers. Hence, you have to look extremely fabulous in order to catch the attention of the viewing public.



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There is no specific degree or credential required to become a professional fashion runway model or a commercial fashion model. This is mainly why many wants to pursue a career as a fashion model since no educational investment is needed. As long as you have exceptional physical features, the minimum height required, confidence, and positive attitude, then you have the chance to land a good modeling offer.

However, for those who want to boost their fashion modeling career, it would be ideal to satisfy an Associate or Bachelor's degree program in Fashion merchandising, Fashion Design, Arts, and Drama. Attending formal education and training is not necessarily required but it will give you an advantage. Majority of the employers pay more attention to the physical features of the models as well as their modeling portfolio.

It is important that you compile all your best photos in your portfolio so that modeling agency, talent scouts and other clients can easily have reference of your past modeling experiences. Those who have attended runway training courses will have a competitive edge. Makes sure to prepare your composite card and resume so clients can easily remember you.

To work as a professional fashion runway model, you must be flexible, versatile, neat, adaptable, very stylish, dependable, hardworking, and good at taking directions. You also have to know how to convey the emotion and attitude of the brand that you are modeling for. You must be able to properly represent the garments and wardrobes that you are wearing. A good fashion model is capable of wearing all types of clothing styles and will always look good on them.

Other qualities that clients look for in a fashion runway model and commercial fashion model include the following: 

  1. a good sense of style
  2. ability to look good at all times
  3. must know how to dress up properly
  4. knowledge about make up applications
  5. has good walking posture
  6. excellent stamina
  7. familiarity in different poses
  8. great facial projection